Imagination is Sylvain’s primary tool when he makes his knives; he finds an idea, draws it on paper then uses two different techniques to bring his idea to life. The result is a beautiful knife that fits your hand like a glove.

Stock removal technique
A special technique is used to eliminate excess of steel while shaping the blade with a saw. Afterwards the blade is grinded, polished, heat treated and sharpened.


Damascus process
A succession of different techniques such as hammer-strokes, folding, refolding and welding follows the forging of the blade giving it a unique texture.

Steel types
More than a dozen types are good.
Sylvain uses mostly: CPMS30V, 154CM
Carbon steel and German steel or any other best quality knife steels.

Cuff protector
Along with the blade or, as you request, added to it.
Made of brass or inox.

Handle types

Sylvain enjoys working with exotic woods. Purple hearth, cordia, cocobolo, ebony, pomegranate, rosewood, kingwood, boxwood, snakewook, awong, desert ironwood, zebrano, pink ivory have no secrets for him.


Other natural products
Animal bones, antlers (stag, wapiti,moose), horns, ivory, leathers and taguanuts.

In some way, according to Sylvain’s inspiration and material availability, no knife is impossible to make.