Sylvain Dion  

By Danielle, his spouse.

“I just love knives, they represent an extension of my hand; a combination of beauty and utility. I create personalised knives; with a special touch that represents the owner...”

These words come from Sylvain Dion, a passionnate custom knife artist.

Sylvain was born 55 years ago in the big city of Montreal. His parents used to spend summer at their cottage and that is where Sylvain learned to love nature.

Sylvain now lives in the small village called Lac-à-la-Tortue located in the beautiful Mauricie in the province of Quebec, Canada. Breathtaking landscapes, untouched lakes, wild rivers and deep forests are trademarks of this part of the province where tourism is very popular.

Sylvain studied in welding and metallurgy and has been participating actively in historical reconstitutions (les Arquebusiers de Kébek) and ironworks (Blacksmith’s association of Ontario). Twenty years ago he started making knives. His sensitivity to recognize precious woods, his natural talent and creativity have served him well since then.

Entirely custom handmade, Sylvain’s knives are highly useful. But mostly each one of them is a piece of art, beautiful, stunning, yours to enjoy for a life time.

A unique heritage...